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Aquatec Ocean E-VIP Electric Mobile Shower Commode

E-VIP Electric Commode

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Short Description

A mobile transit (attendant propelled) shower / toilet commode with electrically adjusted seat elevation and tilt. Designed to enable a user to be taken to a level access shower area, and over a toilet, by an attendant. It is available in one size and colour.

Additional Info

More Details

The Aquatec Ocean E-VIP is packaged as standard with a soft seat and insert, head support, chest belt, sanitary pan and holder.

* Stainless steel and plastic

* Soft padded seat and insert
* Seat height can be steplessly adjusted electrically between 50 and 105cm
* Seat tilt can be electrically tilted forwards and backwards (tilt angle: 5 - 35 degree)

* Lift up armrests that can be locked in an up or down position
* Can be fitted with XL armrests

* Tension adjustable backrest is removable and machine washable

* The headrest can be adjusted in horizontal and vertical directions

* Removable, height adjustable lift up footrests

* The castors are solid rubber, swivel, and lockable with foot operated brakes
* One of the rear castors has a directional lock

* The commode features a corded hand held remote control that has a battery display light to show when charging is in progress and a repair display light that indicates when repair or maintenance is required
* It also has tilt and height adjustment control functions

Tilt and Height Adjustment Mechanism
* The height and tilt of the commode seat is electronically controlled by the remote control that can be accessed by an attendant or user.

Battery charging
1. Pull off cap from the battery box.
2. Push the plug for the charger all the way into the socket on the battery box.
3. Insert the power plug of the charger into and approved power socket.
The indicator on the remote will glow yellow while recharging (5 hours) and will turn green when it is trickle charging (3 hours). After 8 hours it will automatically cease charging to avoid 'overloading' the battery

Safety features
* If the commode can no longer be lowered using the remote, it can be lowered using the emergency button on the right side of the frame
* A red 'stop' button on the remote can be pushed in case of a button jamming. This will cause the commode to stop moving immediately

*The commode can be dismantled for transport

Place Of Manufacture


Price Guide

Price is from Active Mobility Systems

Models And Options


Only one model available: Code 1518424


* Soft seat, with oval cut hygiene recess
* Splash guard
* Safety bar
* Safety belt
* Armrest fixation VIP
* Hip Belt
* Left Calf support
* Right Calf support
* Left Amputation support
* Right Amputation support


Specification Standard
Clearance Under Seat Unknown
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 150 kg
Seat Depth 450 mm
Seat Height From 500 mm to 1050 mm
Seat Width 480 mm
Width 730 mm

Additional Dimensions

* Height from Top of Backrest to Seat..Unknown
* Depth Overall....................... 1010 mm
* Height Overall.......................From 1070 mm to 1620 mm (without head support)
* Weight Overall (kg)................. 39 kg
* Angle of Tilt........................From -5 degr to 35 degr

Setup And Maintenance


Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings

* All electrical components are water proof and sealed to allow the whole frame of the chair to be placed inside an industrial washing machine and washed on a temperature of up to 85 degree



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