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Allegro Lite Taurus 200 Stand up Lifter

Taurus 200 Lifter

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Short Description

A mobile, battery powered, stand up hoist with a lightweight aluminium frame. The hoist brings the user from sitting to a supported standing position. The knee pads are adjustable in width, height and angle. The footplate lifts up. Base width adjustment is operated by a foot pedal. Suitable for domestic or healthcare facility use.

Additional Info

More Details

* Anodised aluminium frame

* Single upright mast
* Battery attaches to mast

* The U shaped base is adjustable in width by a foot pedal operation

* Single boom
* Slings are attached to the hoist via plastic key-hole clips

Spreader bar
* Straight bar with three sling hooks at each end

* Swivel style
* 75 diameter castors on the front and rear
* Foot operated step-on lockable brakes on the rear castors

Push Handle
* A 'U' shaped push handle is mounted on the upper part of the mast

* The lift up footplate is square in shape with a rubber slip resistant surface and a raised edge

* Soft Polyurethane contoured knee pads
* Adjustable in width, height and angle

* The Jumbo Care Control Box (on the mast) stores operational data and provides service interval and fault diagnostic feedback.
* The Control Box is operated via theHD80 handset. This intelligent handset features battery status, service display and overload alerts provided on easy to read displays.

Method of Operation
Raise and Lower
Hand held control attached to an extendable cord with separate push buttons for raising and lowering the hoist at a single speed.
There is a hook on the handpiece for mounting it to the hoist when not in use

Opening Legs of Base
Via foot pedal control

Power Source
* Rechargeable battery that attaches to the back of the mast
* Lights indicate full charge and an auditory alarm indicates low battery charge

Safety features
* An emergency stop button and an emergency lowering device
* Anti entrapment feature - lowering of boom stops on resistance

Battery Recharging
* Battery recharging is achieved by connecting the lifter to an off-board battery charger and then to a power source

Standing Transfer Sling
* A padded standing transfer sling is available in Medium, Large or Extra Large sizes
* Sling features a hook and loop (Velcro?) torso/chest band for extra security
* A buckle torso/chest band version is available
* Available with key-Hole and Loop type attachment

Supersoft Standing Sling
* Two sizes in fabric only (Medium and Large)
* A softer padded variety of Standing Sling with easy to fit hook and loop (Velcro) fastening neoprene torso belt
* Available with key-Hole and Loop type attachment

Method Of Use

This stand up hoist is designed to assist with the standing transfer of a person from one seated position to another seated position. The person needs to have the ability to weight bear, excepting where a four point sling is to be used.

The use of the under arm torso sling, weight bearing footplate and a cushioned, contoured knee pad provide the three points of support. It is preferable if the person can hold onto the hand grips to assist the standing process. The person needs to be able to lean back into the sling for it to be effective.

This style of hoist is useful for toileting and dressing tasks as it provides full access for attending to lower garments.


* This stand up hoist is designed to assist with the standing transfer of a person from one seated position to another seated position.
* The person needs to have the ability to weight bear
* Stand up hoists are not designed to promote standing skills nor raise someone to a full standing position, knees should remain partly flexed at all times.

* The Lite Range of mobile hoists weighs approx 30% less that standard hoists
* It is easier to transport
* It is easier for carers or therapists to push due to lightweight construction

Place Of Manufacture

Allegro Concepts Pty Ltd (NSW Australia)

Price Guide

Price is from Active Mobility Systems

Models And Options


Only one Allegro Lite stand up model is available - Taurus 200 (Item number 7201)


* Standing Transfer Sling
* Supersoft Standing Sling


Specification Taurus 200
Base Height (clearance) 110 mm
Base Length 980 mm
Base Width Maximum (int measurement open) 790 mm
Base Width Minimum (ext measurement closed) 595 mm
Height From 890 mm to 1450 mm
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 200 kg

Setup And Maintenance


Follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding maintenance of this hoist.



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