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Talley Quattro Overlay

Talley Quattro Overlay

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Short Description

An electrically operated air mattress overlay designed for pressure reduction for people with pressure injurys up to grade three. It is made of plastic (polyurethane) and has a two way stretch, water resistant cover. The overlay is suitable for both the domestic and acute hospital environments. Available in a single size. A double bed mattress is available, providing a supportive foam section for use by the occupants partner.

Additional Info

More Details

The system consists of a portable pump unit and a mattress overlay made from plastic (polyurethane) that sits on top of an existing mattress.

* The overlay consists of 17 single air chambers
* Individual air cells can be removed if punctured, for repair or replacement
* Each of the cells cyclically inflate and deflate one at a time in each group, continually supporting the body on at least 75% of the mattress surface while the pressure on 25% of the body is relieved. The cycle time is 15 minutes
* The cells are designed to be narrower at their centre, and wider at the mattress edge. This ensures that the smaller, lighter occupants occupy the softer centre part of the overlay as well as providing some resistance to the occupant rolling off the overlay. In addition the overlay can be profiled using adjustable straps
* A double bed mattress is also available, providing a supportive foam section for use by the occupants partner

Talley B.A.S.E. Sequential cushion
* This cushion can be directly connected into either side of the overlay head end
* This allows the occupant to be transferred between the cushion and the overlay without the need to swap hoses

* The cover lies over the top of the overlay and attaches to the overlay with press studs
* The cover is two way stretch, vapour permeable, waterproof and fire retardant
* The cover is non allergenic, highly resistant to soaps and detergents, and fully washable for effective decontamination

* The overlay sits directly on the existing mattress and is attached via tuck in flaps

Pump / Controls
* The separate, portable alternating pressure pump features an on / off switch and a manually operated pressure control dial which sets the required level of air pressure according to the user's weight
* The pump operates by supplying air on demand only, when the mattress requires it, reducing power consumption and extending service life
* The pump can be hung on the bed by adjustable hanging brackets or stood on the floor
* Transport facility allows unpowered support of the user for up to four hours

Safety Features
* Visual and audible operation status, such as a low air pressure warning alarm, and fault indicators on the pump
* CPR release situated at the side of the overlay for rapid deflation

Method Of Use

* The air pressure can be selected and controlled according to user's weight


All pressure reduction products must be monitored to prevent 'bottoming out'. This occurs when the user's weight bears down so hard on the product material that it is flattened and the bony parts are pressed against the surface below the cushion or mattress. Where bottoming out occurs even with correct use (eg correct inflation levels), a different product may need to be considered.

The overlay can be punctured.

Specific inflation levels are critical (see manufacturer's instructions).

Place Of Manufacture

Romsey, Hampshire, England.

Price Guide

Price is from ILS Kogarah
Also available for hire

Models And Options


* Single bed mattress
* Double bed mattress overlay consisting of single Talley Quattro Overlay with a foam section for a partner


Specification Double Single
Height 140 mm 140 mm
Length 1850 mm 1850 mm
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 160 kg 160 kg
Weight (kg) 13.5 kg 6.3 kg
Width 1410 mm 855 mm

Setup And Maintenance


* Check the overlay daily for punctures or air loss

* To clean the cover it can be machine washed and line dried (in the shade) or tumble dried on cool
* The cells can be separated from the base for decontamination



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