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Snooooooze Flexible Sleep System

Snooooooze System

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Short Description

This is a modular system for night time positioning. It consists of a mixture of soft and pliable positioning shapes used in conjunction with rigid supports. The range includes leg troughs, pillows and wedges, rigid brackets and pads, ramps, rolls, body rolls and bolsters, positioning mats and neck supports. Available in a range of sizes. Suitable for use with adults and children.

Additional Info

More Details

* Soft components use silicone fibre fill or foam
* Rigid components use hard plastic with foam padding
* Hook and loop is used for positioning the various components

* On the larger components the Dartex covers are removable with a hook and loop closure or a zipper
* The smaller components the Dartex covers are not removable but the whole item can be machine washed

* Adjustments are made manually
* Adjustments can be made to height, angle, amount of support, position, etc by utilising the various components available in the system
* Components are held in place by a hook and loop system

* This is a modular system and so can be dismantled, transported and reassembled

Components include:
Mats and Mattress Covers
* The mattress cover is "Soft to touch" and is the hook and loop fastening receptive part of the system. It is designed to fit a single bed and features a drawstring to ensure a tight fit onto the bed
* The therapy mat allows the system to be used during the day for therapy and positioning
* The under mat is made of closed cell foam and provides a softer surface beneath the therapy mat when used on hard floors

W Leg Trough
* Available in four options for either full or partial leg support
* Can be used with a roll underneath or can be used with a W bracket at the sides for increased support
* Does not require a mattress cover for use
* Available in small, medium, large and paediatric sizes

Pillows and Wedges
* Wedges can be used with or without pillow
* Wedges are available either flat or curved to contour the body
* A PVC wedge ramp is also available and can be used to assist in positioning
Pillows can be used for support in a variety of locations as well as the head and are available as either a standard style pillow or a box style pillow
* Pillows are available with or without a flap that can utilise the users weight to hold it in position
* Wedges and pillows available in small, large and paediatric sizes

Rigid Brackets and Pads
* The trifold brackets can be used with or without pads to give additional support to other Snooooooze components
* Available in small and paediatric sizes

Beanie Gaiter Arm and Leg Ramps
* The ramp and sleeve can be oriented to give a rise or a fall of the limb
* The gaiter (sleeve) is available in small and medium sizes
* The ramp is available in a medium size in either hard of soft

* The multi roll is a shorter piece fitted with a strap so an abduction form can be created
* The banana cushion is curved and does not have hook and loop fastening
* The tapered roll can be used with other components to provide extra support
* The long roll can be used, in conjunction with brackets, behind the user to prevent rolling. It is available in both adult and paediatric sizes

Body Rolls and Bolsters
* The body roll is able to be bent to the body contours of the user. It can provide support in side lying and be doubled up to provide support in sitting
* The bolster is larger than the body roll and can be used as a space occupier in bed for back support in side lying or as an additional barrier in front of cot sides

Soft T Roll
* Can be used for leg positioning
* Comes without hook and loop fastening

Spinal Cube
* Provides support for the legs in a seated style posture but lying down

Neck Ring
* Provides support and positioning for the head but does not restrict movement

Horseshoe Cushion
* Can be used for side lying support or for upper body support in supine

Star Cushion
* Provides head support and can be adjusted by changing the profiles of the star points

Sidney Side Positioner
* Is a multi purpose side positioner for children and can be used in cots, beds or on the floor

* Night time positioning and daytime use including therapy, in sensory rooms, in the car and other situations

Place Of Manufacture

United Kingdom

Price Guide

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Models And Options


One model available with a range of components and in a range of sizes.


Specification Body Roll Bolster Mattress Cover
Height 150 mm diameter 300 mm diameter 200 mm
Length 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm
Width 150 mm diameter 300 mm diameter 1400 mm

Setup And Maintenance


* May be machine washed at temperatures up to 95 C using normal detergents
* May be line dried or tumble dried at temperatures up to 135 C, do not mangle
* Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings



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Sidney Side Lyer


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