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Dressing Clips

Dressing Clips
Approximate Price: $28

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Last updated: Mar 2 2022

Short Description

A dressing aid that assists the user to pull up their pants without having to bend forward. The dressing aid is made up of two clips, one that attaches to the shirt and one that attaches to the pants and underpants of the user. A stretchy coil enables the user to pull their pants up from the clip attached at their shirt by pulling softly on the coil to bring the pants up to thigh height.

Additional Info

Method Of Use

1. First the Upper Clip is attached to the person's shirt or jumper. Make sure the material is not touching the skin, so the skin is not pinched by the Clip. The upper clip can be placed inside the front opening of a man's shirt, or on the front of the shirt or shirt pocket.
2. Before taking the lower clothes off, attach the Lower Clip to the waist band of the trousers. It may also help to attach any underwear at the same time. This should be done while the person is standing in front of the toilet prior to sitting down. Make sure the clip is giving a good grip before lowering them down to your ankles.
3. Then lower the trousers to the floor and sit on the toilet.
4. After standing up from the toilet, gently pull the connecting cord to pull the underpants and trousers up, until they can be held by hand. Do not pull fast or with a sudden jerk, as the Clip may be pulled off the waist band. Be careful if the trousers are heavy denim jeans or cotton material, particularly if there are some heavy objects in the pockets. When pulling them up make sure you are not standing on the trousers. They will be easier if your legs are not too far apart, but once you can reach the waist band if you open your legs a little it can help them from falling down again.
5. When the trousers are within reach, only release the underpants from the clip, so they can be pulled correctly into position and the shirt can be tucked down ready for the trousers to be pulled fully up. After the shirt has been tucked in and the waist band of the trousers is done up, the Lower Clip can be undone and then the Top Clip is undone. The Clips can be kept in your pocket or near the toilet for next time.


* People should discuss the use of this product with a health professional, such as an occupational therapist and ask if these instructions are applicable for the individual person
* Make sure the Clips will not damage the material. This is particularly important with fine delicate clothing
* If the Clips are slipping off the material, try to push more fabric inside the clip, so it is 'bunched' up

Place Of Manufacture

Western Australia.

Price Guide

Price is from Pelican Manufacturing

Models And Options


Only one model available
* Dressing Clips Item # 226

Setup And Maintenance


* Wipe clean with a medical disinfectant and thoroughly wipe dry straight away so the metal parts do not start to go rusty



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Additional Images

Pulling Up Pants Clips Attached


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