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ArjoHuntleigh Auto Logic Mattress Overlay And Replacement Systems

Auto Logic

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Short Description

A powered, alternating air system that is available as a mattress overlay or mattress replacement system. Air cells alternate in 1:2 cycle. Features automatic self set technology which enables the system to automatically adjust to users body mass. Stretch, water resistant, breathable and air permeable cover options available. Suitable for users at high risk of developing pressure areas. Available in single size only.

Additional Info

More Details

Auto logic 100 (overlay) and 200 (mattress replacement) are separate products. However, Auto logic 200 can be converted to an overlay by unzipping the air filled sub-mattress. Supplier indicates that Auto logic 200 may be useful for clients who may benefit from the applications of the two different systems.

Both systems consist of a portable pump, a mattress overlay (Auto Logic 110) or mattress replacement (Auto Logic 200). The system regularly assesses individual's body mass distribution across the surface, regularly readjusts pressures in the air cells and balances pressure relief or reduction with comfort requirements.

* Auto logic 110 and 200 have alternating air cells made from PU material
* Cells are inflated and deflated in 1:2 cell cycle
* Cells are curved in design to prevent "creeping" down the system
* They span the width of the bed
* Top 3 cells are static for head support and comfort

* Securing straps provide secure fastening to mattress

* Standard cover is made from PU coated knitted fabric and designed for general use
* Optional covers include Advantex (made from PU coated knitted fabric and features lower friction and higher moisture permeability) and eVENT cover (made from nylon taffeta and designed for clients requiring air permeable surface)

Pump / Controls
* Separate, portable pump features an audible and visual alarm system for all control options
* Comfort control allow simple adjustment for a softer or firmer surface
* Mattress can be set to alternating mode or constant low pressure mode which may assist with mobilizing the user and performing nursing procedures on bed
* Low pressure, low battery, power failure and servicing are also indicated on the pump

Safety Features
* CPR control located near the head section is simple to operate
* Able to use with one hand and system can deflate in 10 seconds
* Designed to be easy to clean for infection control

Transport Facility
* Hose easily disconnects from tube set. Cell pressure automatically equalises out and provides support for up to 12 hours

Method Of Use

Autologic 110 (mattress overlay):
1. Place overlay on top of the base mattress.
2. Secure overlay to base mattress using four corner straps.

Autologic 200 (mattress replacement):
1. Place mattress replacement onto the bed base.
2. Secure mattress system with straps provided (4 on each side).
3. Ensure mattress is secured to moving parts of bed platform.

For both systems, ensure cells are facing upwards and the tube set is located near foot end of bed and CPR at head end. Zip mattress cover. Ensure CPR unit is in closed position. Position pump on any flat surface or suspended by hooks. Allow seven minutes for overlay or 15 minutes for mattress replacement to inflate fully. Place bed sheet over mattress and tuck loosely. Once person is on the mattress, pump will automatically sense and adjust appropriate pressure in cells.


All pressure reduction products must be monitored to prevent 'bottoming out'. This occurs when the user's weight bears down so hard on the product material that it is flattened and the bony parts are pressed against the surface below the cushion or mattress. Where bottoming out occurs even with correct use (eg correct inflation levels), a different product may need to be considered.

Place Of Manufacture

United Kingdom

Price Guide

Previous prices from ArjoHuntleigh:
$6690 Mattress Overlay and Battery pack with charger
$10,095 Mattress Replacement and Battery pack with charger

Complete Care Systems:
$8405 Mattress Overlay, Seat Cushion and Battery pack with charger
$11,810 Mattress Replacement, Seat Cushion and Battery pack with charger

Models And Options


Choice of two alternating air mattress systems
* Auto Logic 110 (mattress overlay)
* Auto Logic 200 and 175 (mattress replacement)


* Aura Logic Seat Cushion - alternating pressure relief cushion which can be used on any chair
* Patient handset - features comfort control and alarm mute
* Battery - offers additional 8 hours of power in event of power loss / active transport


Specification Auto Logic 110 Overlay Auto Logic 175 Mattress Replacement Auto Logic 200 Matress Replacement
Depth 115 mm    
Height   175 mm 205 mm
Length 2030 mm 2030 mm 2030 mm
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 200 kg 200 kg 200 kg
Weight (kg) 7 kg Unknown Unknown
Width 860 mm 860 mm 860 mm

Additional Dimensions

* Length.....375 mm
* Height.....280 mm
* Depth......125 mm
* Weight.....2.75 kg
* Power supply voltage/frequency........ 100 - 240 VAC/50 - 60 Hz
* Electrical rating........85 VA MAX
* Operating cycle time.........10 minutes
* Degree of protection against electric shock.........class II double insulated with functional earth type BF (mains connected)
* Degree of protection of ingress of liquids..........IPX0

Setup And Maintenance


* Refer to manufacturer's instructions for maintenance



Some assistive technology needs to meet Australian or other standards. Standards may relate to materials, manufacturing and installation. Products that meet Australian or international standards will have written certification. To find out if a product meets Australian Standards ask the supplier to show you the certificate. For more information about standards also see

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Auto Logic


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