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Leckey Sleepform Bed Positioning System

Sleepform Hip/Trunk Pos

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Short Description

The Sleepform system provides seamless maintenance of a child's 24-hour postural care program. It consists of a Sleepform mattress, an Air-flow mattress, knee pillows and rolls, pump and Sleepform bag. The system can be used in a cot or a bed and is designed specifically for children within three different age groups ranging from 0 - 18 years.

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More Details

Sleepform Mattress
* Forms to the individual contours of children, holding them in a secure and comfortable position in their preferred sleeping posture
* The Leckey Sleepform Systems can be used in a cot or a bed and are designed specifically for children within three different age groups:
* 1. 0 -1 year - cot/crib
* 2. 1 - 5 years - cot/crib
* 3. 5 -18 years - single bed
* Sleepform addresses the three key postural management issues of positioning: hip and trunk; leg, knee and ankle; head and arm
* It can be moulded to the shape of the child's body, and by removing the air (in seconds) will retain its shape
* "Cavities" can also be moulded into the Sleepform Mattress to allow parts of the body to "fall" back into the cavity when their tone reduces and muscles relax during sleep
* The system can be easily transported

Air - Flow Mattress
* Made of a special fibre to provide a free air flow, promoting circulation and keeping children at a comfortable temperature through the night
* It provides a cozy cushion between the child and the support surface
* The Air-flow Mattress must always be used when using the Sleepform Mattress

Air - Flow Knee Pillows
* Can be placed between the knees when the child is side lying
* The Pillow are made from the same special fibre as the Air-flow Mattress to keep the child comfortable, prevent heat buildup and maintain a symmetrical posture

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Models And Options


One model is available in four sizes
* Size 1 Age 0 - 1 (children's bed)
* Size 2 Age 1 - 5 (children's bed)
* Size 3 Age 1 - 5 (individual bed 100 x 200cm)
* Size 4 Age 5 - 18 (individual bed 100 x 200cm)


Specification Air Flow Knee Pillow - Sizes 1 $ 2 Air Flow Knee Pillow - Sizes 3 & 4 Air Flow Mattress - Sizes 1 & 2 Air Flow Mattress - Sizes 3 & 4 Knee Roll - Sizes 1 & 2 Knee Roll - Sizes 3 & 4
Height Unknown          
Length 230 mm          
Width 330 mm          



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Sleepform Leg Positioning Sleepform Leg/Chest


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