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Action Twister CB Back

Twister CB Close Up

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Short Description

A lightweight wheelchair backrest support with adjustable straps with buckles and Akton Polymer Cube padding. Available in short and tall backs for both cane back and rigid frame chairs. Available in various sizes.

Additional Info

More Details

*Straps fixed with quick release buckles are located under the adjustable padded back component.
*The straps provide adjustability for stability. The cube padding provides aeration, comfort and pressure management.


NOTE: Re: use of an electric blanket / heating pad under the gel pad.

Action Products advised that the heating pad be placed under the pad and pre-warm it. You must be extremely careful that the pad does not get too hot or develop hot spots as this will carry through the Akton pad and the patient could get burned. They should not take it above 103F as this could cause burns to the patient. If the patient has no feeling then someone must check the patient at all times to prevent burns caused by the heating pad. The Action pad merely will transfer the heat as the heating pad produces it.

Follow the manufacturer's directions when using a heating pad / electric blanket.

Place Of Manufacture


Price Guide

TCNS 38-41cm width x 28-41cm height
TCAS 43-46cm width x 28-41cm height
TCMS 48-51cm width x 28-41cm height
TCWS 53-58cm width x 28-41cm height

Models And Options


Twister CB Back for chair backs 41cm or lower
TCNS 38 - 41 width x 28 - 41cm height
TCAS 43 - 46 width x 28 - 41cm height
TCMS 48 - 51 width x 28 - 41cm height
TCWS 53 - 58 width x 28 - 41cm height

Back Style (specify push handle option)
PHS Cane with push handles (included)
WPHS Cane without push handles (included)

Twister CB Back for chair backs 43cm or lower
TCNS 38 - 41 width x 43 - 53cm height
TCAS 43 - 46 width x 43 - 53cm height
TCMS 48 - 51 width x 43 - 53cm height
TCWS 53 - 58 width x 43 - 53cm height

Back Style (specify push handle option)
PHT Cane with push handles (included)
WPHT Cane without push handles (included)



Some assistive technology needs to meet Australian or other standards. Standards may relate to materials, manufacturing and installation. Products that meet Australian or international standards will have written certification. To find out if a product meets Australian Standards ask the supplier to show you the certificate. For more information about standards also see

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CB Back On Chair


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