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Acorn Range Of Stairlifts

Outdoor Seated Model

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Short Description

A range of slimline battery operated Stairlifts for straight and curved stairs both indoors and outdoors. It has a rack and pinion drive motor and the track is stair mounted requiring no wall anchoring or structural changes to the home. Features include onboard diagnostic control panel, dual remote controls, and onboard toggle controls for ease of operation. Hinged rail options are available.

Additional Info

More Details

Acorn Straight Stairlifts

Method of lift operation
* Constant pressure paddle switch on end of both armrests as well as two push button remote controls
* Smooth start / stop action
* Key switch to isolate
* Diagnostic display

* Anodised aluminium extrusion with steel toothed drive rack
* Outdoor rack rust proofed

Track mounting
* Fits quickly and easily to the stairs, not the wall - requires no structural changes to your home

* Lift up, unpadded moulded armrests

* Slip resistant covering
* Folding

* Swivel, lift up, fabric padded on indoor model, and vinyl padded on outdoor model
* A retractable belt is standard
* The swivel seat allows the user the ability to turn a full 90 degrees when the chair stops at the top of the stairway. This is operated by a lever on the uppermost side of the seat. This means the passenger can exit the lift with both feet on the level landing.

Safety Features
* Five obstacle sensors - the lift stops when a sensor detects an obstacle
* Electronic and mechanical braking systems. The stair lift is fitted as standard with these safety systems to eliminate any possibility of an uncontrolled descent of the stair lift.
* Optional hinged rail designed to eliminate any obstruction or trip hazard
* Back up battery

* Safe 24 volt rechargeable batteries
* The batteries are maintenance free and charged by a safe 15 volts AC, which is stepped down from the domestic mains supply by the transformer
* Onboard diagnostic control panel allows easy identification of problems with the stairlift
* An LED number display at the side of the unit indicates normal operation, or a fault exists. Allows fast diagnosis and remedy of most potential faults
* Soft start/stop means no jolts of bumps during a smooth journey up or down stairs
* Outdoor models are supplied with a waterproof cover for the motor and drive parts.

Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift

Method Of Lift Operation
* Directional rocker switch on the end of one or other chair arm. Smooth Stop/ Start. On/Off switch and optional keyswitch isolator
* Separate levelling motor electronically monitors travel and ensure the seat is kept level on gradient changes

* Powder coated aluminium extrusion with rack and pinion drive
* Mounted direct to stair treads

* Fold-up moulded armrests with padded top surface

* Slip resistant covering
* Folding

* Padded fold up seat
* Swivel seat feature allows the user to turn the seat to face the landing at the top of the stairs, with both feet on the landing.
* Retractable seatbelt as standard
* self-levelling carriage moves along the modular rail system

* Obstacle sensors stop the lift if it meets an obstruction
* Electronic and mechanical overspeed brakes prevent uncontrolled descent
* On-board diagnostic system monitors operation of the lift and allows easy identification of the lift status for operation and fault diagnosis
* Can operate through a power outage
* Automatic powered hinges can be fitted when there is an opening or doorway at the foot of the stairs
* Back up battery

* 24v DC Power from maintenance free NiCd batteries
* Automatic onboard charging system ensures batteries are ready for the next journey

* Each Acorn 180 is custom built to suit each staircase, with options for accommodating both flat and winding turns, and travelling on the inside or outside of the bends
* Detail specification must be confirmed at a home assessment visit by a trained stairlift surveyor


Lift registration
In NSW the owner or controller of the lift (if not the owner) is required to register their lift with WorkCover. They need to complete the WorkCover form PIR (Plant Item Registration)January 2011 Application for the registration of an item of plant

A fee of $65 is charged for a lift installed in a public place. There is no charge for a lift installed in a private home. The applicant must state that the plant has been inspected by a competent person and is safe to operate (use).

It is compulsory that the lift in a public place be inspected annually by a competent person. WorkCover requires payment for registration as well as an annual fee.

Place Of Manufacture

Acorn Stairlifts (UK)

Price Guide

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Models And Options


Two models re available.

* Straight Stairlifts - The Acorn 130 Stairlift
* Curved Stairlifts - The Acorn 180 Curved Stairlift


* Hinged rail



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Sit and Stand Stairlift Perch Model Curved Stairlift Straight Stairlift


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