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MacMed Pressure Care Blocks & Wedges

Double Heel Wedge
Approximate Price: $99

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Last updated: Apr 12 2021

Short Description

MacMed Healthcare's range of pressure redistribution cushions and wedges are designed to help provide pressure redistribution, support & comfort for the person at risk of pressure areas. The cushions are made from high density visco-elastic foam.

Additional Info

More Details

* Commercial grade pressure care cover
* Multi-directional stretch fabric
* Waterproof
* Breathable
* High level of chemical resistance
* Fully welded seams
* Fire retardant
* Slip resistant base
* Premium grade foam construction
* Multi-layered
* Anti-microbial
* 5 year product replacement warranty against manufacturing defects

Double Heel Wedge
* Elevates the entire length of both lower legs avoiding pressure that could constrict arterial or venous blood flow, suspending the achilles and heels to alleviate pressure as well as to ensure access and aeration for draining ulcers

Single Heel Wedge
* Elevates the entire length of the lower leg, avoiding pressure that could constrict arterial or venous blood flow, suspending the achilles and heel to alleviate pressure as well as to ensure access and aeration for draining ulcers

Braun Block
* Offers support and comfort for the leg and positions the ankle and foot for relief of pressure associated pain, which can often be experienced during rehabilitation of lower leg injuries

Patient Wedge
* A body positioning device that can be used in helping to redistribute pressure for "at-risk" patients. The patient wedge can also aid in the management and healing of existing pressure ulcers, by allowing patients to be positioned on their side to reduce sacral pressure. The patient wedge helps to provide side positioning as well as offering forward positioning and roll control

Pressure Offloading Footstool
* A multi-purpose device designed to provide pressure re-distribution for the lower leg while also completely offloading the achilles area and heels duting sitting. The footstool can help to prevent of Heel PU's for those patients seated for long periods

Concave Heel Wedge
* A sloping, contoured leg support that inhibits lateral movement without restraints, helping to provide support for the calf and positioning the foot appropriately while elevating the heel

Charnley Block
* Offers stabilisation of hip abduction to help manage the risk of dislocation following hip replacement surgery (anthroplasty). The specially shaped device maintains knee separation comfortably while a hook and loop strap secures the positioning of the legs.

* See supplier website for dimensions

Price Guide

Single Heel Wedge $99
Double Heel Wedge $179
Braun Block $229
Patient Wedge $129
Concave Heel Wedge $169
Charnley Block $149

Models And Options


There are seven models available.

* Double Heel Wedge
* Single Heel Wedge
* Braun Block
* Patient Wedge
* Pressure Offloading Footstool
* Concave Heel Wedge
* Charnley Block



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Additional Images

Single Heel Wedge Braun Block Concave Heel Wedge Patient Wedge Charnley Block


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