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Varilite Positioning Belts And Harnesses


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A range of positioning belts and harnesses featuring hip belts with accessory pads, chest (or shoulder) harnesses and hardware. Sizes for adults and children. There are 34 different belts and harnesses in the Varilite range.

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Paediatric 2 Point and 4 Point Hip Belts
* Small padded hip belts with contoured 150 mm long by 40 mm wide pads, a squeeze buckle and a D-ring all sewn together on a 25 mm nylon webbing
* The contoured pads are made of 12 mm closed cell foam enclosed in a soft breathable fabric
* Come in one length which can be trimmed if necessary
* Available with reverse pull

Paediatric Shoulder Harness
* Made of a durable closed cell foam, in a breathable fabric
* Cam locks at the shoulders allow for easy adjustment with each use
* Additional quick release adjustments are provided across the sternum and down both sides
* A dynamic strap adjustment is built in at the shoulders. When adjusted all the way down, the shoulder strap functions like a regular harness. When adjusted all the way out, the user is allowed movement through the elastic straps in the shoulders
* The amount of flexibility in the harness can be adjusted to each users specific needs

Hip Belts - Unpadded
* Available in 40 mm and 50 mm webbing. The 40 mm webbing will accommodate 2 point and 4 point accessory pads
* Large D-rings, spring loaded push-button buckles or lightweight aircraft latch buckles

Accessory Pads
* Available in 2 and 4 point models
* Made of 6mm closed cell foam between two layers of fabric
* Thread onto most 40 mm waist belts and won't slip or twist
* Sold as set of two in medium and large sizes
* Work with push button or side-squeeze buckles

2 Point Padded Belts
* 40 mm webbing with options for different buckles and padding sizes (medium and large)
* Design allows padding to be positioned to fit each individual and secured in place with tri-glides (attaching hardware)
* Contoured shape laminated foam and binded edges
* To accommodate growth, replace padding with a larger size
* Can be modified to a 4 point hip belt
* Available with reverse pull

4 Point Padded Belts
* As for 2 point with 2 additional adjustable front straps to assist keep hip belts in place and accommodate a difficult to position pelvis
* Available with reverse pull

Chest Harnesses
* Require a properly sized solid back to mount them correctly
* Can be mounted in three possible configurations:
* H style
* X style
* Backpack-style
* Closed cell foam wrapped in breathable fabric
* Cam lock adjustments at shoulders
* Quick release adjustments across sternum and down both sides. The lower attachments can be fixed directly to the chair frame or attached with Varilite Frame Clamps
* Dynamic strap option (See Paediatric Shoulder Harness)
* Medium and large sizes

Contoured Chest Harness
* Contoured moulded channels that enable the pads to contour naturally around the user
* Unique dynamic strap, squeeze buckles and sturdy nylon webbing

Chest Belt
* Prevent tipping forwards or shifting sideways
* Hook and loop closure. Made from a heavy duty loop material, the system uses a single metal guide and hook fabric sewn to the all-loop belt
* One size fits all

Tri-End Fittings
* Standard with all belts and harnesses
* Available sizes 20mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm

Cam Locks
* Standard with all chest harnesses

Frame Clamps
* Sold as an accessory
* Steel with neoprene rubber coating


Chest belts should not be placed across the waist or abdomen because the tissue is too soft. Positioning waist belts are not to be used as safety restraints. Chest harnesses should never be used without a hip belt. They should not be used as safety restraints.

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