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Haycomp Jumbuck 240 LIfter

Jumbuck Stretcher Frame

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Short Description

A high capacity (240kg) battery powered hoist suitable for hospitals and large nursing homes. It can be used with a standard yoke, tilting cradle frame or stretcher frame. Lifting and leg opening are both battery powered via a push button control. It lifts from the floor and has a weighing facility option.

Additional Info

More Details

Multi purpose: Can be used with a number of different, easy to change accessories and slings. All lifting frames are located on the accessory attachment system. May be suitable for bariatric use up to the specified load capacity

Yoke/Spreader Bar
For use with general purpose sling, toiletting sling and 2 band sling.

Frame Options
* Pivoting cradle frame. Facilitates transfers from lying to sitting position and back again.
* Stretcher frame. For use with Jordan style stretchers (horizontal lift). Sealed webbing straps for infection control.
* Stretcher frame and Stretcher (Trendelenburg). Used together for Trendelenburg, reverse Trendelenburg and horizontal lifts.
* Scale attachment. Allows weight of the user to be accurately measured while supported in any of the Jumbuck accessories.

Power 24 volt rechargeable battery

* Cradle Full Support Sling
* Divided leg sling with padded spinal support and keyhole fittings on the straps.
* Top of sling should be level with top os user's head.
* Tested to 200kg.
* Sizes: Small, medium, large, extra large (colour coded)
* Conventional GP slings are available to fit standard yoke.
* Available in polyester and mesh.

Place Of Manufacture

Haycomp (SA)

Price Guide

Call supplier for pricing
Price on application from Haycomp


Specification Standard
Base Height (clearance) 140 mm
Base Length Unknown
Base Width Maximum (int measurement open) 1240 mm
Base Width Minimum (ext measurement closed) 650 mm
Height Unknown
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 240 kg
Spreader Bar Height From 0 mm to 1000 mm
Tilting Frame Height From 0 mm to 1000 mm
Weight of Heaviest Part Unknown

Additional Dimensions

Weight (kg) NSW................................... 48 kg
Lifting Range..................................... From 0 mm to 870 mm stretcher range; Trendel Stretcher 0 to 970mm



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Jumbuck Tilt Frame


AIS Healthcare Pty Ltd
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Contact Person: Paul McKay
Clifford Hallam Healthcare (CH2) (Eastern Creek)
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Sales: 02 8883 8300
Haycomp (manufacturer)
Units 1 & 2, 21 Stud Rd
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Sales: 03 9729 9399
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Contact Person: Claudette Lynch
Medical Industries Australia
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