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Care For Caring Parents

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Short Description

Two books:
1. Parent's book
2. Leader's manual
Resource for professionals and parents involved in caring for children with disabilities.

Additional Info

More Details

Parent's book:
A resource for parents taking part in a "Care for Caring Parents Group" but also relevant for those who cannot attend a group.

Leader's Manual:
This manual provides detailed agenda for the 9 session CCP course. Session topics include:
* The parent caregiver
* Parents and their families
* Parents and their world
* Affirming and listening
* Problem-solving through handling conflict
* Training the system and utilizing support
* Taking control of stress and looking ahead
* Living with the loss and enriching couple relationships.

Publisher: Acer
Publication Place: MELBOURNE VIC
Year Published: 1997

Price Guide

$19.95 Parent's book
$86.96 Leader's book


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Toll Free: 1800 338 402
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