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Watercomfort Assist-U-Lift Chairs

Assist-U-Lift Reclined

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Short Description

A mobile electrically operated lift and recline lounge chair. It is available with either water, air or foam filled cushions in back and seat. The chair can be customised. Has either single or dual motors and is operated by using a hand held remote control. A heavy duty wider chair is available. A recline only model is available.

Additional Info

More Details

*Home trial and demonstration available

* Choice of vinyl or velour fabric in a wide range of colours
Optional Synergy upholstery on the back, seat and leg overlay is optional. This is two way stretch waterproof, breathable and bacteriostatic fabric suitable for people with incontinence. It also may have some pressure care advantage
* Consumer can supply own material

* Air, water or slow recovery (memory) foam cushions. Air or water cushions usually have a memory foam overlay

* Three cushion bolstered backrests have a clip system at the top which allows back height to be adjusted

* The motor is capable of battery backup when fitted with two 9V batteries. In the event of power failure the battery will return the chair from the reclining or standing position to the sitting position. Batteries must be replaced beneath the chair after battery backup has been used once. Battery backup operated from the hand set is optional (for an additional charge)

* Seat depth can be shortened by adding padding to the backrest
* Seat width can be narrowed by attaching padded armrest covers. Attached on outside with studs and folded over armrests
* If necessary the chairs can be modified to accommodate the changing needs of the the user

Place Of Manufacture

The Watercomfort Company (NSW) Australia

Models And Options


300S series Lift & Recline
* Single motor - legrest elevation and backrest recline occur simultaneously

500D series Recline only

600S series Lift & Recline Plus
* Single motor - legrest elevation occurs before backrest recline so legrest can be raised while person continues to sit upright if desired

700S series Lift / Recline Bed
* Dual motor - legrest operation and backrest operation are controlled independently
* Solid upholstered armrests enable a firm grip when rising from chair

800D series Lift & Recline Plus

900D series Lift / Recline Bed
* Dual motor - legrest operation and backrest operation are controlled independently
* Plusher upholstery
* reinforced hardwood frame

Back styles
* Comfort Back - straight back
* Standard upholstered bolster back - three cushions (padding can be customised)
* Clip on system - fits behind standard back to provide additional lumbar support etc.


* Three styles of motor
* Single - backrest and legrest adjust simultaneously
* Single - legrest raises before back reclines so user can sit upright with legs elevated
* Dual - legrest and backrest angles can be independently adjusted
*Air, water or slow recovery foam cushions
*Seat depth, width, height and backrest height can be adjusted
*High armrest 270mm, Low armrest 100mm
*Backrest - adjustable height and depth
*Castors - seat height 500mm
* No castors - seat height 440mm
* Legrest Extension. Total length 1760mm. Fills gap between seat and footrest and adds to length of footrest. Can be made to required length
* Timber arm ends
* Tray
* Neck / headrest overlay cushions
* Armrest overlays
* Removable arm cushions for people who need to transfer sideways
* Foam, water or foam and water seat cushions
* Overlays available in vinyl, lambswool and sheepskin
* Able to alter buttons on remote if necessary eg jelly bean switches. Prefer not to mount controls in armrest due to cost of repairing

Upholstery options
* Vinyl
* Vinyl and Synergy (two way stretch fabric)
* Velour
* Velour and Synergy


Specification Standard
Armrest Height (from seat) 270 mm
Backrest Height 740 mm
Backrest Recline Angle Unknown
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 100 kg
Seat Depth 470 mm
Seat Height From 440 mm to 500 mm
Seat Width 500 mm

Additional Dimensions

Width..................................... 750 mm
Length.................................... From 780 mm to 1760 mm
Height.................................... 1020 mm



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Watercomfort Co, The
42 Alexander Ave
Taren Point
NSW 2229
Sales: 02 9531 1699
Fax: 02 9531 1799
Contact Person: Ann Marie Knox
Toll Free: 1300 734 664


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