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Active Minds Activity Books

Sensory Snap

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Short Description

A range of activity books suitable for people with memory loss. Activities may help to promote engagement in recreation and conversation, and could also help to maintain or improve dexterity. Activities are multi-sensory based. Six Activity packs are available with a range of options.

Additional Info

More Details

Active Minds Sensory Snap
* A tactile based activity for people in mid to late stages of memory loss
* Match the tactile tile on the matching image inside of the box
* The images and textures can act as conversation starters and may help to improve dexterity
* The tiles are easy to clean and are infection control compliant
* Suitable for all abilities
* 6 mixed tactile tiles

Active Minds Scentscape Kits
* A multi-sensory activity for people in mid to late stages of memory loss
* Play the sounds whilst smelling the scents together
* Designed to evoke memories and encourage conversation
* Infection Control Compliant
* Suitable for all abilities
* Options: In the Garden - Rose & Geranium, Grass, Honeysuckle. At Home - Fruit Cake, Shoe Polish, Baby Powder. The Tool Shed - Sawdust, Engine Oil, Car Polish
* Contents: 3 Scents, 3 smelling jars & CD

Active Minds Aquapaint Kits
* Reuseable water painting products designed as a creative, mess free, therapeutic art activity which can help maintain independence
* Options: The Tool Shed, At the Seaside, In the Garden, At Home, Transport, Natural World, Days Out, Loves, Everyday
* Canvases: 5
* Brushes not included

Active Minds Doodle Books
Designed to be an engaging, meaningful creative activity for those in early to mi-stages of memory loss
* The book contains 15 doodle quests to encourage creativity and imagination
* May be suitable for those who having difficulty to complete the colouring books

Active Minds Word Search Puzzles
* Designed to be engaging meaningful puzzle activity for those in early to mid-stages of memory loss
* The book contain 30 word searches
* There are two books of varying difficulty levels

Active Minds Creative Scenes
* Enables people to create their own scene using a set of magnetic pieces
* Each magnet is carefully chosen to be reminiscent of the eras 1950 - 1969, so can also bring to life many memories related to home life
* Magnets are infection control compliant
* Options: The Tool Shed, The Allotment, The Baking Cupboard, The Sewing Box
* Contents: 18 Magnetic Pieces

Place Of Manufacture


Price Guide

$35 Aquapaint Kits
$35 Magnetic Picture Boards
$35 Jigsaw Puzzle
$32 Reminiscence Cards
$42 Scentscape Kits

Models And Options


Six models are available with a range of options.

* Sensory Snap
* Scentscape Kits
* Aquapaint Kits
* Doodle Books
* Word Search Puzzles
* Creative Scenes


Specification Aquapaint Kit Canvases Creative Scenes Pieces Scentscape Cards Sensory Snap Tiles
Depth 210 mm 250 mm 150 mm 220 mm
Height Unknown Unknown 40 mm 20 mm
Weight (gms) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Width 260 mm 360 mm 360 mm 290 mm

Setup And Maintenance


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Sentscape At Home Aquapaint Kits Doodle Books Word Search Puzzles Creative Scenes


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