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Pelican Footplate Foot Holder Straps -1150

Footplate Straps
Approximate Price: $48

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Last updated: Mar 2 2022

Short Description

These straps can be used to hold a person's feet in place on the footplates of a wheelchair. They are attached to the footplate and then done up over the top of the shoe and around the back of the heel. If no shoes are being worn, it is suggested that socks be worn to help prevent the strap cutting into the feet.

Additional Info


* Ensure the individual understands that when their feet are in the straps, they are not able to stand up and walk, unless they or someone else can undo the strap.

Place Of Manufacture

Pelican Manufacturing, Osborne Park, Western Australia.

Price Guide

Contact the manufacturer for a list of local suppliers or order online.
Straps are sold in pairs.

Models And Options


Only one model available

Setup And Maintenance


To Fit
* Place the straps on the footplate with the 50mm wide strap wrapped around the footplate and firmly secured under it
Note: The 16mm wide heel strap should be at the back
* After the person sits down put their feet on the footplate, then place the 16mm heel strap behind their shoes and do up
* The 38mm foot strap can then be secured over top of the shoe


* Do up the Hook tape on the Loop tape when washing
* Wash up to 80 degrees
* Air dry in shade or tumble dry on a cool setting, ensuring the drum is cool
* Ensure the product is dry before using or storing



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Footplate Strap Footplate Strap


Pelican Manufacturing Pty Ltd (manufacturer)
5 Ruse St
Osborne Park
WA 6017
Sales: 1800 641 577
Fax: 08 9444 4855
Contact Person: Tom Bromberger
Toll Free: 1800 641 577


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