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Allusive Mens Cotton Flex Underwear

Mens Cotton Flex

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Short Description

This washable, cotton underwear has been designed to fit disposable pads. When used with the Allusive Flexi pads, the pants are suitable for active male users with moderate urinary incontinence or light bowel movements, and for day or night time use. The underwear is available in four waist sizes and two colours, and the pad is available in two sizes.

Additional Info

More Details

This product is sold in a pack of 12 or 6 cotton underwear and 120 or 60 disposable pads.

* Discreet real underwear option for the active user made from real cotton (90% cotton, 10% elastane) with soft breathable Allusive Flexi Pad insert
* Suitable for moderate daytime or light night time incontinence
* Over 800ml liquid lock away capacity and dual layer anti-leak guards to avoid liquid spills
* Sticky fastening points at the front and back
* Larger crotch area in the underwear designed to enhance the performance of the Flexi Pad
* The Flexi Pad is also designed to create and leave room for the skin to breathe promoting healthier skin
* Environmentally friendly when used with the cotton underwear that can be washed and reused

Available underwear colours
* Blue colour
* Grey colour

Place Of Manufacture


Price Guide

Prices from Holistic Incontinence Pty Ltd.
Each pack contains either 12 underwear and 120pads or 6 underwear and 60 pads

* Medium - $97 per pack of 132 , $58 per pack of 66
* Large - $98 per pack of 132, $58 per pack of 66
* X large - $99 per pack of 132, $59 per pack of 66
* XX large - $99 per pack of 132, $59 per pack of 66

Models And Options


Underwear is available in four waist sizes and two colours
* Medium
* Large
* X Large
* XX Large
* Blue colour
* Grey colour

The Allusive flexi pad is available in two sizes
* Medium
* Large


Specification Large Medium X Large XX Large
Capacity (mls) 1000 mls 1000 mls 1000 mls 1000 mls
Hip Circumference Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Waist Circumference From 950 mm to 1080 mm From 800 mm to 940 mm From 1090 mm to 1220 mm From 1230 mm to 1360 mm
Weight of User Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown


Holistic Incontinence Pty Ltd
Sales: 1800 103 933


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