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Sigvaris Doff N' Donner

Loading the Cone

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Short Description

This hosiery aid is designed to assist with the application of open and closed toe compression stockings. Suitable for fitting and removing garments on the upper and lower limbs below and above knee. An instruction guide is provided with the applicator. Features two components: a 'doughnut' shaped soft silicon device, filled with a leak proof fluid and a cone with suction cup base that allows the compression garment to be rolled onto the 'doughnut' device ready for use.

Additional Info

Method Of Use

Steps for loading the applicator.
1. Secure the cone to a flat surface, pull the leaver to lock the suction cap on.
2. Pull the top of the stocking over the cone and slide the stocking onto the cone.
3. Stop when the toe end or open end of the stocking is over the end of the cone.
4. roll the silicon 'doughnut' over the end of the cone to the base of the stocking.
5. Tuck the stocking into the top of the silicon 'doughnut'. Ensure the stocking is smooth over the silicon 'doughnut'.
6. Roll the silicon 'doughnut' up the cone, allowing the stocking to be rolled onto the device and remove.
7. Ensure the toe end or open end of the garment is close to the opening of the silicon 'doughnut.'

Steps for using the applicator on the lower limbs.
1. While seated, place the end of silicon 'doughnut' over your toes. Ensure the toe end of the garment is placed on the foot first.
2. Roll the silicon 'doughnut' up the limb, applying the garment to the leg as you go.
3. The Doff N' Donner is removed when free of the stocking.

Steps for removing garments.
1. Roll the silicon 'doughnut' up the limb. Tuck the top of the garment into the bottom of the silicon 'doughnut'.
2. Roll the silicon 'doughnut' down the limb, removing the garment as you go. Garment can be stored on the silicon 'doughnut' for reapplication.

Note: After the fitting be sure the heel of the stocking is properly placed on your foot. Smooth out any wrinkles by stroking with the palm of your hands.

Place Of Manufacture

United States of America

Price Guide

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Models And Options


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Application Doff 'N Donner Donning Cone


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