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Jenx Multi Stander


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Short Description

Jenx Multi-Stander offers supine, prone, and upright positioning for children between one and six years old. It offers a continuous range of angles so that optimum position for each child can be achieved. It adjusts from 10 to 90 degrees in prone and 90 to10 degrees in supine. Gas strut assisted adjustments support both child and carer. Removable, angle adjustable tray. The support pads can be adjusted through five planes of movement.

Additional Info

More Details

* Steel frame powder coated black
* Removable covers available in four colours

Material of supports
* Vinyl, padded, hook and loop (Velcro) straps

Method of adjustment
* Manual adjustment
* Star knobs to secure support pads
* Gas lift to adjust angle

Symmetry Support
* The sturdy hip and chest straps are closed in the centre and then adjusted by pulling from either side. This feature, common to many Jenx products, encourages symmetry.

Securing Options
* Hook and loop fastening
* De-rotational straps
* Integral safety straps with clip

* Lockable
* Swivel

Option Details
* Sandal raising block kit
* Elbow block on tray to prevent shoulder retraction
* Choice of headrest options - Oval or mulitgrip
* Abduction block
* Knee blocks with padded knee straps
* Chest prompt pad for use in prone standing
* High rise thoracic pads for extra support in prone
* Angle adjustable footplate


* Minimum safe Prone configuration also requires sandals, knee blocks, hip support and trunk support
* Minimum safe Supine configuration requires sandals, knee blocks, hip support, trunk support and head support
These accessories will be an additional cost

Place Of Manufacture

Jenx Limited (United Kingdom)

Price Guide

Call supplier for pricing
Price on application from Medifab

Models And Options


Only one model is available


* Sandal raising block kit
* Elbow block on tray
* Choice of headrest options
* Abduction block
* Knee blocks with padded knee straps
* Chest prompt pad (for use in prone)
* High rise thoracic pads
* Angle adjustable footplate


Specification Standard
Height From 520 mm to 860 mm (footplate to top of chestplate)
Length 710 mm
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 30 kg
Weight (kg) Unknown
Width 565 mm

Additional Dimensions

Maximum User Height...... 1160 mm
Hip Pads Width........... 150 to 260 mm
Chest Width.............. 150 to 260 mm
Knee Block Width......... 120 to 200 mm
Angle Range.............. 10 to 90 deg

Setup And Maintenance


* Washable wipe clean surface



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Additional Images

Prone Supine Loading Jenx Multi Stander


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