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Geri Sleeves For Arms and Legs

Geri Arm Sleeve
Approximate Price: $27

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Last updated: Jan 27 2022

Short Description

Leg and arm protection sleeves made from breathable cotton-blend Lycra. The sleeves prevent skin tears and protect wound sites. Sold in pairs. One size fits all.

Additional Info

More Details

The Skil-Care Geri sleeves are made of quality material that is thick yet shear for a comfortable fit. (They are made from 94 percent cotton and six percent spandex)
* Geri Sleeves are available in a flesh-tone color for a more natural look. Once applied, Geri Sleeves remain securely in position and do not roll down or wrinkle.

Geri Leg Sleeves
* Extra-heavy stockinet maintains skin integrity
* Leg sleeves prevent skin shear at the heels and calves
* Protects I.V. and wound sites
* Reusable and washable

Geri Arm Sleeves
* The arm sleeves slip over the wrist for extra protection and the thumb slips through for security. They provide full coverage of the arm.
* Geri-Sleeves use slight compression to aid in relieving the discomfort associated with swelling. They also help provide relief from problems such as skin breakdown and surface injuries, while protecting the palms of wheelchair users.

Place Of Manufacture

Skil-Care (United States of America)

Models And Options


* Small. 38cm Long With Red Stripe. SK503355
* Medium. 51cm Long With Green Stripe. SK503350
* Large/Wide. 51cm Long, Wider With Blue Stripe. SK503357


Specification Standard
Weight (gms) Unknown



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